St. Lawrence Bowfishing Championship Rules

Note: All shooters are responsible for obtaining the required licenses for where they choose to shoot. Check US and Canadian laws as applicable.

1. This is an amateur eent. All contestants must register before shooting. You must shoot your own fish.
2. Open to the St. Lawrence River and it’s tributaries including Grasse, Racquette, St. Regis, etc. If the waterways are passable by boat from where you are shooting to the St. Lawrence River system, you are within legal boundaries. We will have volunteers floating around downstate watching for violators. Polygraph testing is a possibility.
3. All carp must be shot with a bow and arrow. No crossbows!
4. All carp must be into the weigh-in station prior to the closing hour.
5. Winners will be determined by the weight of the carp entered. Winner must be present to pick up their prize and will be given 30 seconds to choose a prize. Prizes will be numbered based on value. Prizes may be chosen and picked up by another contestant only at the end of the awards ceremony, from leftover prizes. All unclaimed cash and/or prizes will go back to the committee immediately following the closing of the awards ceremony. .
6. Ties between carp of the same weight will be broken by length, then by girth, and if a tie still exists, by date and time fish was weighed in.
7. Each contestant may have only one, but a larger entry map bump their previous entry. *Exception Yando Youths (see #17), they may have on fish entered into each division.
8. All carp entered will be weighed, measured, recorded, and marked. The participants will be required to sign the record card as an acceptance of the recorded measurements.
9. All carp entered are subject to inspection. The top 3 fish will be inspected by the weigh-in judge and committee chairman prior to the awards ceremony.
10. Entrants will be responsible for the proper disposal of their carp. A drop-off area will be available near the weigh-in station, we will take all of your fish regardless of being weighed in or not. It is illegal to discard any fish carcass into the fresh water of New York State or within 100 feet of the shore.
11. Clubs, club officers, committee members, or sponsors will not be responsible for lost, stolen, or personal property damage.
12. Rules committee reserves the right to disqualify or reject entrants. All decisions made by the committee are final.
13. Every effort should be made to keep the fish free of dirt and debris when brought to the weigh-in station. All fish will be washed prior to weigh-in.
14. You must be in the line for the weigh-in station no later than 1:00 pm on Sunday to make the cut-off.
15. Youth Division: For contestants age 17 or under. Must supply date of birth. Additional random prizes will be drawn from all youths registered in the Regular Division.
16. Women's Prize: 1 prize will be given to the women with the biggest carp weighed-in, but not on the board in the Regular Division.
17. Ian Yando Memorial "Smallest Fish" Youth Prize: $100 will be given to the youth, age 17 and under, who weighs in the smallest fish of the weekend. Sponsored by Ian's family.