St. Lawrence Bowfishing Professional Team Division
2-3 Person Teams - Total Weight of 3 Fish

2014 Pro-Division Winner

Andrew Wilbur Jr. of Warners, NY - 39.45 lbs. Carp!
  • General tournament rules will apply with the exception of boundaries.
  • Professional Team Division will have no limitations on boundaries, with the exception of pond fishing.
  • Any person who has made themselves known as part of a sponsored team in the past will only be allowed to enter the Professional Team Division. Be sure to check the appropriate box on the online registration form for all teammates. There will be no youth division.
  • Registration fee will be $150 per team, with $30 going to the committee for administration fees, and the remaining $120 to go into a winner takes all prize pool.
  • Professional Team Division contestants will not be eligible for any additional random draw prizes (except 50/50) or prizes on the Regular Division board.
  • These general guidelines are permitted to change, this is our second year and we are just figuring it out. Based on the number of teams we will consider a 1st, 2nd, 3rd place payout structure.